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Georgia Shares, Inc. is a statewide federation of non-profit organizations committed to social and economic justice. These organizations meet needs articulated by their communities and serve those who are denied full participation in our society because of their race or ethnicity, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, family, age or economic status. The mission of Georgia Shares, Inc. is to raise funds for its member organizations, primarily through workplace contributions.

Georgia Shares has the widest-ranging membership of any of the fundraising federations in the state; our goal of promoting systemic social change is implemented through many different activities by our member agencies.

The major issues Georgia Shares is positioned to address are grouped into four areas: AIDS, arts, social change, and women's issues. Our 31 member groups feed people with AIDS; connect artists and communities in innovative ways; provide services to homeless people, young gay and lesbian people, and men struggling with their impulses to batter women; defend civil liberties; and meet women's needs through health, education, and advocacy services. And this is far from a comprehensive list!



For more information about getting involved, contact:
Georgia Shares
PO Box 78611 | Atlanta, GA 30357 | Phone: 404-284-4349 | Fax: 404-284-2667
Or email us at gashares@aol.com