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Will creating a workplace campaign or expanding the one we have be a lot of work?

No, because the process is very simple. You use the same mechanism already in place for deducting taxes, savings and retirement. Georgia Shares will supply campaign materials, train your volunteers and assist in any way we can.

Can Georgia Shares ensure wise use of our employee's contributions?

Yes, in two ways. Each year, we conduct a formal review of each participating organization's activities, accomplishments, management and financial accounting. Each must meet prescribed standards in order to participate in a payroll deduction drive. Moreover, each employee has the choice of earmarking his or her contribution for a specific participating organization, or for Georgia Shares as a whole. Each person's gift goes to the organization he or she selects.


Will adding Georgia Shares affect our participation in United Way?

It's a proven fact: employees are more generous when they have more choices. Yale University and the Nation Committee for Responsive Philanthropy studied 227 workplaces in which previously exclusive United Way campaigns were opened to include other options. Overall giving increased in 92% of the campaigns and United Way giving increased in 75% of the combined campaigns. Georgia Shares' campaign experience to date confirms these findings.


Won't other charities want to participate once we open our campaign?

Federations are convenient because they allow companies and agencies to work efficiently with multiple entities. Many employers find it most effective to require that applicants be part of a federated fund such as Georgia Shares or United Way.


Why not just let employees make their own contribution outside of the workplace?

A payroll campaign gives employees a range of charitable choices once a year in a friendly, upbeat presentation. It also makes contributing simple, easy and enjoyable while reaching out to people who might not otherwise get involved. Finally, studies show the average donor gives five times as much through payroll deduction as through cash contributions.


How do we include Georgia Shares in our annual giving campaign?

It's easy. A combined campaign is no more difficult to manage than a campaign featuring one federation. No additional company or employee time is required. Generally, federations cooperate to create join campaign materials. Our staff will work with your payroll deduction department to coordinate the logistics and other appropriate matters.


What if we do not already have a payroll deduction drive? How can we start one?

The process is simple. It uses the same mechanism already in place for deducting taxes, payroll savings and retirement. Our staff will work with your officials to determine the best way to start a straightforward, efficient campaign. We also have brochures and posters that describe our work and the method for making contributions.


What if our computer system can't handle a payroll deduction for Georgia Shares?

There is a simple solution called a single slot payroll deduction. We have this deduction system and it is being used successfully across the country.




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