Why Should Your Workplace Participate?
  Current Participating Workplaces
  Answers to Your Questions


Public Campaigns
Atlanta Public Schools
City of Atlanta
City of East Point
Combined Federal Campaign
Fulton County
State of Georgia/ University System
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
Albany State University
Armstrong Atlantic State University
Atlanta Metropolitan College
Augusta State University
Bainbridge College
Clayton College and State University
Coastal Georgia Community College
Columbus State University
Dalton College
Darton College
Floyd College
Fort Valley State University
Gainesville College
Georgia Southern University
Georgia Southwestern State Univ.
Georgia State University
Georgia Institute of Technology
Georgia Perimeter College
Gordon College
Kennesaw State University
Macon State College
Medical College of Georgia
Middle Georgia College
North Georgia College
Savannah State University
Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
South Georgia College
Southern Polytechnic State Univ.
University of Georgia
Valdosta State University
West Georgia State University

Private Campaigns
Bondurant, Mixson & Elmore
Emory University
Lotus Corporation
Paideia School
Roy F. Weston Co.
USA Today

Member Agency Campaigns
AID Gwinnett
AIDS Education & Services for Minorities
AIDS Survival Project
Men Stopping Violence



For more information about getting involved, contact:
Georgia Shares
PO Box 78611 | Atlanta, GA 30357 | Phone: 404-284-4349 | Fax: 404-284-2667
Or email us at gashares@aol.com