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From the Executive Director

I wish I could take you to a Georgia Shares board meeting. You would get to meet the best and the brightest: the talented and passionate leaders of Georgia Shares' member agencies. Every day of the week, these are the people who confront the realities of homelessness and poverty, of violence and disease, of prejudice and injustice. They have clearly identified the needs of the constituencies their agencies represent and they are focused on long-term solutions to systemic problems.

If you came to a Georgia Shares board meeting you would also get to witness a joyous occasion: the distribution of our campaign revenue. Every quarter Georgia Shares distributes almost $40,000 to our member agencies. While this is wonderful, and a fine tribute to the creativity and vision of the founding members of Georgia Shares, we also know that some of our sister funds across the country are raising close to $500,000 a year for their agencies. We believe that figure is an attainable goal for Georgia Shares in this decade.

The reason we are confident that we can grow to have a half million dollar impact on progressive charitable organizations throughout the state of Georgia is that we are continually pursuing new workplaces in which to offer choice in charitable giving. In 2000, along with our coalition partners the Earth Share of Georgia, the Georgia Black United Fund, and Community Health Charities of Georgia, we gained access to the City of Atlanta Public Schools. Now teachers and administrators throughout Atlanta can give, easily, to organizations whose work they already know and support.

Throughout the country, workers are demanding choice in their payroll-deduction campaigns. There is clear evidence that workplace campaigns which choose to include more than just the United Way result in both increased participation and increased total revenue. What's more, there is an intangible result as well: a much greater sense of employee satisfaction. Many corporate leaders are beginning to see an expanded campaign as an increased employee benefit – at little or no cost to the company. Emory University has recently made the decision to include our four federations in their fall 2001 campaign. We are thrilled to participate in Emory Gives and believe many Emory employees will choose Georgia Shares agencies for their charitable contributions.

I am very proud of the successes Georgia Shares has achieved in just a few years of operation. I am very excited, too, about the future of our work. We have already seen the impact on our member agencies: increased services to their constituencies, and a greater sense of financial stability. We look forward to more joyous board meetings, where some day soon we'll be distributing over $100,000 every three months. These funds, and this way of enabling the working people of Georgia to give to what matters to them, are making a big difference in the lives of over 250,000 people served by Georgia Shares member agencies every year.

It has been an honor and a joy for me to be part of Georgia Shares for the past seven years. I look forward to more successes and many more dollars to disburse in the future.

Sherry Sutton
Executive Director



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