Case Studies

Children First

Congratulations to Drew Bowen who, after 5 years of tireless advocacy, saw his CASA child to permanency this past month! Drew has been a consistent, positive adult in this child’s life. Drew’s CASA child went through placement after placement, changed schools, teachers, and counselors, but Drew was ALWAYS there to ensure this child had the right placement and the support he needed to succeed. Drew has been a shining example of what a CASA can mean for a child. Drew was a consistent voice for this child in a sea of change. For five years, Drew was always there to answer questions, be a source of comfort, and advocate for the best interests of a child in need.

Abused and neglected children need someone to speak up for them. No one does this more effectively and with more dedication than the CASA volunteer. As a judge, I rely heavily on the CASA’s insight and recommendation to the court. CASA does work.

— Judge Salvadore T. Mule, Past President, National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges