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A partnership with Georgia Shares helps address community-based concerns while introducing multiple benefits for your employees, your company and Georgia's residents.

Boosts total campaign results
By offering a new option, companies can energize their workplace giving campaigns, raise employee participation, and increase total giving.

Offers employees a choice
Employees today desire greater freedom to direct their charitable contributions to causes they value.

Increases community involvement
Information about charitable organizations during the campaign season inspires employees and encourages involvement and volunteerism.

Improves corporate relations
Businesses strengthen their community outreach by addressing a diversity of issues that affect employees and society. At the same time, employees feel more closely connected to companies that are sensitive to their interests.

Helps Georgians solve their own problems
By including Georgia Shares in your workplace giving program, your employees can provide greater access and opportunity to help Georgians in need.

Today's employees want more charitable giving choices. Georgia Shares helps businesses achieve this goal by providing a convenient option that is both easy to administer and meaningful to employees.




For more information about getting involved, contact:
Georgia Shares
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Or email us at gashares@aol.com